Hello. I’m Jeff Gunning, Owner of J. Gunning and Sons Waterproofing and Masonry. For over 25 years, we’ve specialized in waterproofing. We have been serving New Jersey residents with professional solutions.Whether the need is for quality brick or stone work, block, concrete, stucco, retaining walls, pavers, chimneys, sidewalks or steps, we have the experience, knowledge and capability to help you affordably get the job done.

We’re fully insured and licensed by the State of New Jersey, and with the cold months of autumn and winter approaching, we are ready today to assist you in making your home all that it can be.

CALL ME TODAY. 973-669-2728 is my direct number. Our consultations are free and we’ll do everything we can to make your experience with us one that you would want for other friends and family.

One thought on “Home

  1. Frank Novak

    Hi Jeff,

    I just noted that you also do chimney work. If that means that you also clean chimneys, I also need that to be done. Please let me know.

    Frank Novak


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